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Top Quality Malbec & Merlot Vineyard


32 Acres with 25 Acres in Grapes Under Netting
Includes Blueprints for Boutique Winery: US$199,000

15 Minutes from San Rafael, Mendoza


This fine-wine vineyard, planted half in malbec grapes and half in merlot, includes
a decent worker's house and a picturesque mountain view of the "Sierra Pintada"
range. The vines, 5 to 8 years old, are under netting and were reportedly sold as
premium grapes in 2008 to the most prestigious winery in San Rafael.

The sale includes a tractor, and architectural plans for a new boutique winery that
was designed to be installed in vacant space centered in the middle of the vineyard.

There is also a pool and bath-house on the property at the intended winery location
that can also be renovated if an owner would prefer to build an estate home as
opposed to building a winery.


The seller quotes production levels of between about 80,000 and 120,000 kilos
per year. Last year he used the grapes to elaborate his own wine at a local winery
to his specifications.

Vineyard Photos:

Worker's House:

Photos of the Road, Tractor &
Internal Irrigation Canal:

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