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Foreigners' Civil Rights in Argentina

In Argentina, foreigners have the right to buy and sell property
in accordance with the Argentine Constitution. This civil right
is outlined in Article 20 of the Constitution of Argentina as shown
below in the original Spanish wording, and with an English
translation. -- Byron

Constitution of Argentina
Article 20, Outlining Civil Rights of Foreigners


Art�culo 20- Los extranjeros gozan en el territorio de la Naci�n de todos
los derechos civiles del ciudadano; pueden ejercer su industria, comercio
y profesi�n; poseer bienes ra�ces, comprarlos y enajenarlos; navegar los r�os
y costas; ejercer libremente su culto; testar y casarse conforme a las leyes.
No est�n obligados a admitir la ciudadan�a, ni pagar contribuciones forzosas
extraordinarias. Obtienen nacionalizaci�n residiendo dos a�os continuos en la
Naci�n; pero la autoridad puede acortar este t�rmino a favor del que lo solicite,
alegando y probando servicios a la Rep�blica.


ARTICLE 20: Foreigners in the territory of the Nacion shall enjoy all the civil rights
of citizens; they can exercise their industry, commerce and profession; possess
real estate, and buy or sell the same; navigate the rivers and coasts, exercise free
worship, pass along assets to heirs and marry according to the law. They are not
obligated to become citizens, nor pay extraordinary tax contributions. They may
obtain naturalization after two continuous years in the country; but the authorities
can shorten this time in favor of the one who requests it, alleging and proving
services to the Republic.

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