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31-Acre Farm with Mountain View
Good Soil, Great Water, Plums and
Peaches, Hail Netting: US$75,000


Lots of deeded irrigation water (20 hours) on this beautiful
farm in the La Correina section of San Rafael, Mendoza.

And lots of unrealized potential!

This finca is located on asphalt just a 15-minute drive
from the city of San Rafael and 15 minutes from the
heavily touristed destination of Valle Grande -- which
opens up all sorts of tourist potential in addition to
agricultural production, horse-riding, etc.

There are more than 10 acres of producing plums and
peaches -- but those trees are fast approaching the end
of their life cycle and should be replaced.

There is almost 5 acres of anti-hail netting for orchard
in place, which has a value of no less than about $15K to $20K
in its current state. Fruit grown under netting commands
a premium price as table fruit if properly maintained.

There is electic service on the farm, and an occupied
worker's house which is in poor condition with a small barn.

The great value here is the land -- 13 hectares -- the good
soil, climate and leveled land perfect for all sorts of
projects. Land is suitable for vineyard, orchard, olives,
alfalfa, walnuts, annual vegetables, etc.


Peaches & Plums:



Various Views:


Worker House:

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