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Estate Winery with Orchard, Vineyard
& Wine Import Company Holding U.S. Licenses

44-Acre Estate Includes 4 Homes
& Fruit Drying Facility: WITHDRAWN FROM SALE

Located in Cuadro Nacional, San Rafael, Mendoza

WITHDRAWN: This property has been withdrawn from sale.
Originally it was Listed at US$550,000.

Tremendous unrealized potential exists here. Health issues force a quick sale.
I personally believe in the future of this property. Truly a wonderful farm.

This 44-acre vineyard and orchard with winery and fruit-drying operation is located about 6 miles from the center of San Rafael (4 miles from the edge of town). The finca is in good production with plums, grapes and apricots. There are also quince and olive trees, plus a large number of miscellaneous fruit trees including cherries, apples, pears, walnuts, almonds, etc.

The winery has a capacity of 800,000 liters (about 1 million bottles). Sale includes a clean Argentine Corporation, and an active U.S. wine importers license.


Originally built in 1930 by the Bielli Family, we newly restored the house in 2006. It is a
2000 sq ft home with 18“wall construction ((46cm)) inside and out of stuccoed adobe
(cool in the summer, warm in the winter). It is surrounded by tall trees, grapevines and flowers.

Other amenities include:
• New archways
• Three big bedrooms (3 queen, 2 bunk beds)
• Original shutters, floor tile, fireplace, ceiling beams and vegas
• Skylight
• New paint, electricity, plumping, and roof
• Gourmet kitchen with big Electrolux refrigerator and 6 burner commercial style stove
• Indoor parilla
• Outdoor parilla
• New (LG)washer
• Seven new ceiling fans with lights
• Two new bathrooms
• Four heaters (1 gas, 3 electric)
• The house comes fully furnished


Constructed in the late 1890’s, it is a two story adobe. With concrete tanks on both floors
(one subterranean), we have completed two thirds of its restoration. Ideal as a boutique winery
producing fine wine (it includes many smaller tanks), it can also be a large quantity producer
given its near 800,000 liter capacity. Completed work includes:

• New bocas and puertas
• Newly varnished ceiling and beams with foamed insulation
• Sand blasted tanks with epoxy application
• Newly painted inside and out
• New water drains
• New electric

The winery has a drive through weigh station with station house and balance, and the new
owner will want to complete restoration and buy wine making machinery.


The farm is on 44 acres (18 hectares) and is primarily a D’agen plum farm. There are also a
substantial number of apricots. For the past two years the farm has been managed by
Raul DiSanto, a d’agen plum farm owner who also lives in Cuadro Nacional. In conjunction with
a soil engineer who comes out once a month, Raul has re-claimed more than 3 hectares of lost
trees by uprooting dead stock, re-planting more than 1,400 new d’agen trees, while pruning,
disking, and fertilizing consistently and routinely to exacting standards. The plums are thriving.
He has done no less for the vineyard – by replacing brace posts, grape posts and support wires,
and in tying the grapes properly, fertilizing and disking, he has transformed the vineyard into
7 acres of picturesque paral. The next owner should give thought to putting up netting as this
area (San Rafael) is subject to hail. The farm is made up of:

• 5773 D’Agen plum trees
• 1711 Santa Rosa plum trees
• 714 Apricot trees
• A 7- acre vineyard (5264 plants of various varieties)
• 40 Olive trees
• 126 Quince trees
• There are also fewer than 10 trees each of cherries, walnuts, peaches and pears


Adjacent to the winery is a large 3,000 sq ft warehouse. The warehouse comes with:

• Insulated cooling room (250 sq ft)
• Thousands of fruit boxes
• Tractor and equipment
• Fruit drying and sorting equipment
• Two offices
• Three bathrooms


A main worker’s house is included. It has one bedroom, a bathroom, dining area, and
kitchen. It has its own parilla outside and is landscaped with grapevines, trees and flowers.
A second worker’s house is also included. It has 3 small bedrooms, a bathroom,
kitchen and living area. A fourth brick house is in disrepair and needs renovation.


There are two storage (garage) spaces adjacent to the second workers house.


There are substantial water rights which come with the property.


Chenatay S.A. CUIT: 30-71036887-9

Chenatay S.A (Sociadad Anonima) is an Argentine corporation based in San Rafael,
Mendoza, Argentina. This S.A was setup to be our business s entity in Argentina.
As foreigners, doing business in Argentina can be challenging. Establishing the S.A.
and thus, having a local Argentine business has made banking, accounting, paying
wages, and performing day to day business operations much easier and less costly.
It has reduced the number of government impediments we run into. Also, and because
of the S.A., we have been able to separate ourselves, personally, from the business,
thereby limiting our exposure and mitigating any potential liability.

Chenatay, LLC TIN: 20-3245557

Incorporated in the State of Nevada, Chenatay is an importer of foreign wines into
the United States. As such it owns:

-- A Federal basic permit
-- New Mexico non-resident liquor license
-- State of Washington non-resident liquor license
-- FDA registered with COLAS ON LINE access

Owner's House Exterior:

Owner's House Interior:

Orchard & Vineyard Photos
(Plums, Apricots, Vineyard, Olives, Etc.):

2nd Worker's Home & Barn/Garage:

Huge Warehouse with Drying Racks/Crates:

Winery Photos:

Fruit Drying Yard:

Internal Irrigation Canal:

Industrial Water Tower with Well & Pump:

Refrigerated Room & Cooler Unit:

Fruit Washer & Fruit Sorter:

Tractor and Implements:

Grape & Produce Truck Scale:

Manager's House:

Paved Road in Front of Estate:

Various Views:

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