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33-Acre Finca in Colonia Gelman --
Near San Rafael, Argentina

Farmland Suitable for Crops, Vineyard, Orchard, Etc.:
US$27,000 Cash FIRM

This finca in Colonia Gelman is located about five minutes from the village of La Llave, and about 30 minutes from the city of San Rafael.

EXCELLENT POTENTIAL: For the past 10 years this land has been used soley as pasture, but is better suited for crops or a vineyard. Animals have helped to fertilize the earth, which will aid future agricultural endeavors. The finca has full water irrigation rights, good soil, and has been under-utilized. There was formally an old adobe house on the property, which has been torn down, however a well with good water remains on the property, and is at a depth of 20 feet. There is also electricity at the road for future building.

There is an excellent spot to build an owner's house, where the previous adobe was located, and houses can be built in Mendoza quite cheaply at the moment. Approximately 25 acres are suitable for agriculture, and I would suggest the land would be good for olives, fruit orchards or row crops like tomatoes and onions. In the short term, alfalfa would be a good crop, easy to maintain and income-producing, while installing a small vineyard. There are plenty of agricultural workers in the area who can be contracted to run the operations at a cost that would still produce a profit.

Currently agricultural land in this area produces a gross income of US$300 to US$1000 an acre depending on how it is utilized, and what crops are grown. Sometimes is is possible to grow crops under contract from a local fruit wholesaler or processing plant, tomatoes being one example at the moment.

There are approximately 100 or so quince trees on the property (mostly along the fence row that fronts the road) which when properly maintained should produce about 5,000 kilos (11,000 pounds) of fruit per year.

Property features include the following:
-- 2 Olive Trees
-- 4 Apricot Trees
-- 6 Fig Trees
-- Approximately 100 Quince Trees
-- 1 very large eucalyptus tree, a large pine and various shade trees
-- A large number of poplar/aspens along two sides of the property
-- 25 plantable acres well suited for a vineyard, orchard, olive grove, alfalfa or row crops

NOTE: Photos below are winter photos taken before
most trees had sprouted leaves or bloomed.

View from the Road:

View of Pasture - Future Crop Area:

Apricot Blossoms & Olive Trees:

Miscellaneous Property Views:

Quince Trees:

Photos of Irrigation Canal Bordering Property:

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