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Mendoza: 1.8 Million Liter Winery
with Attached Colonial Home

Located in Guaymallen near Mendoza Shopping
Asking Price: Reduced to US$295,000!

2.2 Acre Property

This winery, conveniently located in Guaymallen, is situated on
.9 hectares (2.2 acres) and includes a three-bedroom worker's house
with 2 garage/warehouses, an attached Colonial-style home in need of
renovation with 8 bedrooms and two kitchens and swimming pool.

Winery Details

The winery was in operation three years ago, and has has upgrades
since then to electric, etc. The owners had a falling out, suffered some
financial setbacks related to other issues, and were not able to continue
forward with wine-making operations.

Capacity: 1.87 million liters
Wine Tanks: Cement with epoxy
Electric: New elecric
Well: 6-inch well with submersible pump
Equipment: Various equipment including presses, crusher, etc.
House: 8 bedrooms (400 square meters/4,400 square feet)
Worker's House: Three bedrooms
Warehouse: 1 large warehouse and 2 garage-sized units
Office and Laboratory: Located in separate building
Scale: Includes truck weigh scale for grape deliveries
Other: Outdoor quincho and swimming pool

Various Winery Views:

Inside the Winery:

Presses, Crusher and Barrells:

New Electric:

Office, Laboratory & Scale:

Quincho and Pool, Etc.:

Colonial House:

Property Plans:

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